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Международна научно-приложна конференция „Предизвикателства пред финансовото управление и контрол на средствата от Европейския съюз“


​Тук може да се сменят фотоси, които ми изпратите.


Financial instruments are increasingly used to provide support from the European Union budget through loans, guarantees and equity investments. 

Under certain conditions, they may represent a better way to spend public money as they offer two specific benefits: mobilising additional private and public money to complement initial public funding and re-using the same funds over several cycles.
It will offer a platform for exchanges of views and ideas between high-level experts from the EU institutions, practitioners and other public and private stakeholders.
Ultimately, the objective of the event is to consider how financial instruments can best be used to provide financial support from the EU budget.
Speakers and panellists will discuss questions such as “how to implement financial instruments at a reasonable cost”, “how to attract capital from the private sector in a successful manner” and “how to ensure the revolving effect of these instruments”.
Experts will also exchange ideas on ways forward for financial instruments through the EFSI and the SME initiative.